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Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States
Membership in the BCHC is $5.00 per person per year in order to receive the quarterly newsletter. Further information on membership can be obtained when attending a scheduled hike. Other subgroups within the BCHC are the "Thursday Wanderers." Most hikes are followed by a dinner stop. We call ourselves "The Eating Club with a Hiking Disorder"! ****Hiking and Trail Guidelines: ** Be courteous & stay behind the leader unless directed otherwise.** Offer $.10/mile to driver when carpooling. * *In the event of inclement weather, the hike may be canceled.** Please leave your pets at home.**If unable to keep a club commitment, please find a replacement. * Wear blaze orange during hunting season (Sept 1 to last day of Feb). * Appropriate footwear and attire should match the type of hike.** If you leave the hike early, notify the hike leader or ask someone to do that for you.** Bring water and food as the hike description and weather demand.* * Hiking involves risk. Come out prepared and know your capabilities. Each hiker is responsible for their own safety and well-being.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Saturday March 18, 2017 - Horseshoe Trail Hike

6 easy miles

We will get to smell the chocolate of Hershey! This will be a shuttle hike with vehicles being moved to the end before we start. Foot surface is a mix of trail and road surface (mostly road) with easy walking. The start is the parking lot on 489 Drescher Road just off Lawn Rd in South Londonberry township and the end is the parking lot on 198 Washington Ave (A-fields) in East Hershey. First meeting point will be at Redners Sinking Spring on Rt. 422. Car-pooling is possible from here. 2nd meeting point is at the hike starting point, Drescher Road at 9:15 a.m. It’s possible to meet at the 3rd meeting point with a call ahead to the hike leader. The end is the parking lot on 198 Washington Avenue.

1st Meeting place: 8:00 am, Redner’s, 4870 Penn Ave. (Rt. 422 W) Sinking Spring, west side of lot
2nd Meeting place:
 9:15 am, 489 Drescher Rd, Palmyra 17078-9799
3rd Meeting place
: 9:30 am, 198 Washington Avenue, Hershey 17033-1238

For more information and further directions, contact: 610-909-5018, email: 

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